Salman Khan too joined the bandwagon of bloggers!

Blogging which seems to be the latest trend in Bollywood is affecting one and all. After Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan its Salman Khan who is writing blogs for Sony. Indeed, it is a publicity gimmick of his new game show on TV “Dus ka Dum’’.

Salman who is busy shooting in Australia for Prem Soni’s directorial film ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna, despite being busy, managed to write the blog from there.

Vikas Kapoor his manager says “Salman Bhai is used to working in tight schedules. He has started blogging for Sony as they requested him to write. He has just started blogging and the response is excellent. This is for the first time that he is interacting through his blog and seems he is enjoying too.”

Salman who is always associated with some or the other controversy is writing his heart out in his blogs. This is for the first time he is talking to public in detail. “All my decisions are based on my instinct and some people think that I am too moody and cynical. But believe me I have been guided by my instincts, and my heart, all my life! I do not depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations…” says Salman.

He feels that the show Dus ka Dum is his tribute to public who has been watching his films since 19 years and has shown him love and respect “this is not merely a show, but my Shukrana… …”, Salman admitted.

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