Aamir Khan gets sweet and salty with Monacco biscuits

After Samsung phones, ‘Mr. Perfectionist’, Aamir Khan will now be seen endorsing the sweet and salty flavour of Monacco biscuits.

The ad shows a political party campaigning for its leader on the road, while Aamir and his friends are in a tearing hurry to cross the road, and they do not want to get late for the film at any cost. Even as they cross the road, they are stopped by one of the cronies of the political leader. That’s when Aamir gets his ’salty’ elements in place and ’sweetly’ manages to cross the road and is even on time for the film!

Now, we can very well guess that this ad had been shot quite a long time back because Aamir sports a full grown hair for the ad as opposed to the current hair he is sporting for his forthcoming venture ‘Ghajini’.

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