Preity Zinta goes Uh! Ah! Ouch! at JBJ sets

Preity Zinta will never forget the shooting of the dance sequences in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. The difficult steps by choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant made the dancers trip and hurt each other. In a particular dance step, Lara Dutta’s high heeled shoes hurt Preity’s feet so badly that it started bleeding. By the end of the schedule, Preity’s legs were in a terrible state.However, the lady jovially narates the event as,

“I was dancing and suddenly I felt this piercing pain in my foot and I looked down. Lara’s 5 inch heel made a hole in my foot and I went aaahhhhhhhh. And then just when I was just recovering, Bobby’s Punjab da haath landed on my face. I remember seeing stars, planes, trains and submarines at the same time!”

One can easily guess what will Preity think of whenever she sees a high heel!!

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