Kangana Ranaut: Now I cannot do such things anymore

Bhatt camp gave Kangana Ranaut her first break. But now, Kangana has refused an offer from the Bhatt camp although she has signed five new films of other banners. Kangana says that the script demanded some obscene scenes which she did not want to do and she had also requested Bhatt brothers to change the scene but they refused. On the other hand, Bhatt camp says that Kangana was acting too pricey and that when she has already done bedroom and kissing scenes in her earlier films, then why act goodey-goodey now.Kangana has an answer to this. The girl says,

“I was too young then to decide what was right or wrong. But now I have set my limits and will now do only such work which does not take away my peace of mind. I cannot do such things anymore.”

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