Aamir Khan turns down Adlabs’ three-film offer

Kareena Kapoor may have been ecstatic signing the three-film deal with Adlabs, but Aamir Khan does not feel the same way. The news is that Aamir Khan has turned down a three-film offer worth Rs. 60 crores from Adlabs apparently because there was no proper script in place.Money has not been the priority for the actor who is said to have charged Rs 20 crore for ‘Ghajini’. Previously Adlabs offered him Rs. 50 crores for the three film deal but when they saw that the actor was not too keen they raised the amount to Rs. 60 crore in a hope to draw his interest. However, they did not have any story, or script in hand when they met Aamir. They simply told Aamir that he would have the freedom to choose three directors of his choice and Adlabs would back those projects.

Aamir refused the offer politely telling them that he does not do film just for money and that the script was of paramount importance to him.

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