Three films + one location = Chaos

This is what happened on the scenic beaches of Maurituis when the units of ‘Kidnap’ starring Minissha Lamba and Imran Khan, ‘Click’ starring Shreya Talpade, Rehan Khan and Senha Ulal and ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’ starring Govinda and Hansikaa Motwani went to shoot on one location.The beach was divided into three halves where each of the unit was shooting a dance sequence. Choreographer Bosco had quite a parade choreographing ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’ at the same time. To add to the chaos, the spot boys got jumbled up. Even the actors of the three films were put up in the same hotel.

Looking at it, the incident feels like some sequence from a comedy flick!

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