Swing n’ swing right

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom manages to do just that with its ensemble star cast exuding charisma and doing justice to its role. As usual the father-son jodi rocks and Akki Narula’s costumes do a great job in defining the personas of the characters. Amitabh appears part rakish and part funny in his knee-length boots and feathered hat. He carries off the costume with panache and delivers another cool performance… he carried off the dock worker’s uniform with panache as well in Deewar… all those years back.The characters are well-etched and loud and they respond to some very different-sounding names; sample these Rikki Thukral, Steven Singh, Alvira Khan, etc. The film is based on those flimsiest of premises – boy meet girl but slick production values, good humor, and fantastic locales make this a must watch.

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