Shreya Saran and Mrinalini Sharma: Another catfight?

The cold war between the heroines of Mohit Suri’s ‘Awaarapan’ is too obvious. Recently, when the two were to do a promotional shoot for Awarapan for a music channel in Mumbai, they refused to give a joint interview not did they pass smiles a t each other.However, director Mohit Suri appears to be ignorant as he says, “I’m not aware of this! They never shot together for Awarapan so I’m not sure how a problem, if any, would arise between them to begin with! At a recent photo shoot they appeared to be very friendly with each other from what I saw.”

Shreya’s forthcoming flicks are Sangeeth Sivan’s ‘Ek’ with Bobby Deol & Nana Patekar, while Mrinalini’s next is ‘Showbiz’, opposite newcomer Tushar Jalota.

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