Sherlyn chopra feels cheated

The newbie Sherlyn Chopra is really disgusted with her experience of working in Vinod Pande’s movie ‘Red Swastik’. The actress feels that Vinod did not give her the kind of role he had promised to. Sherlyn tells the Delhi Times that “In fact, I am really disappointed with director Vinod Pande. He kept saying what a good role and a great film ‘Red Swastik’ was, but when it came to the film’s promotion and release, he let me down. What has irked me even more is that he has changed my name in the credits to Maneka. I have an identity of my own and he has totally diluted my name.”Sherlyn tells that Vinod even forced to rehearse several times for a kissing scene with her male co-star. “Can you imagine that? He wanted me to do rehearsals for a kissing scene. Who does that”, says a disappointed Sherlyn.

However, with one bad experience, Sherlyn plans to be extremely careful in future.

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