Rekha and Rishi Kapoor shoot for ‘Sadiyaan’ at Golden Temple

Yesteryear superstars Rekha and Rishi Kapoor shot a scene for their upcoming film ‘Sadia’ by Raj Kanwar at The Golden Temple in Amritsar on Tuesday, March 25, 2008. In the scene they cleaned utensils at the ‘langar’ of the temple. A few scenes were also shot in the marbled periphery of the temple and at the Akal Takht, the Sikh temporal seat.The duo first paid obeisance at its sanctum sanctorum and were later presented replicas of Harmandir Sahib and sets of Sikh religious books by the SGPC.

Not to mention that the crowd of overwhelmed to catch a glimpse of mystic Rekha clad in an off-white salwar-kammez and dupatta around her neck. Also, like every other religious visit, even this one was also not without controversies. Some people showed their displeasure when the actors were offered holy water, which they poured in each others’ mouths, as it is considered taboo inside the shrine premises by the Sikh ‘maryada” (religious code).

Rekha was nonetheless very touched by piety of the temple and said, “It is a pious and religious place for the whole world; not just one community”.

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