Rakhi Sawant & Abhishek – Lover’s tiff?

The couple has been much in news lately for their appearance and chemistry on the reality shows. But now Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi may not spend Valentine’s Day together. Reason? They had a heated argument on Monday night following which Rakhi threw her live-in boyfriend out of her house.It so happened that Abhishek had brought DJ Shezwood to Rakhi’s house to discuss a project. Rakhi was talking about her career and the direction when Abhishek interfered to express his opinion. Rakhi didn’t take kindly to his comments and snapped at him. What followed was exchange of harsh words with Rakhi finally asking Abhishek to leave. Abhishek stormed out and went with Shezwood to his house.

Rakhi refuses to comment claiming to be sick, “I am not feeling well and don’t want to say anything.”

However Abhishek was forthcoming, “Yes, we did have a fight. But I am desperately trying to get through to Rakhi. However, she’s not reachable. It was a minor argument that escalated into something big. I also lost my temper and ended up saying things; which, in retrospect, seem harsh. I want to talk to her and make her understand my point of view. I hope that she forgets and forgives whatever happened.”

Well, we hope and wish the same for the lovers!

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