Nora Fatehi fire-up in green one-shoulder thigh-high slit gown


Nora Fatehi’s green one-shoulder thigh-high slit gown is a perfect choice for a glamorous and sexy look. The gown is made of high-quality fabric that hugs her curves perfectly, and the thigh-high slit adds a touch of elegance and sensuality. The one-shoulder design of the gown also adds an element of sophistication to the outfit.


Nora’s makeup is impeccable and enhances her natural beauty. Her bold eyebrows and smokey eyes are the standout features of her makeup. The use of nude lipstick and blush gives her a natural glow, and the highlighter on her cheekbones adds a touch of glamour.


Nora’s accessories complement her outfit perfectly. She wears statement earrings and a bracelet that add a touch of sparkle to her look. Her strappy high heels add height and elegance to her overall appearance.

Mehndi Art

Overall Look

Nora Fatehi’s overall look is stunning, and she effortlessly exudes confidence and glamour. Her outfit, makeup, and accessories all work together to create a cohesive and eye-catching look. She is the perfect example of how to spice things up with a daring and elegant outfit.

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