Neetu Chandra and Abhay Deol – Two and Two add up to Four

Now this is news guys. A very unlikely filmi pair has been spotted together. Abhay Deol and Neetu Chandra have not yet worked together in any film. Yet, they were spotted together catching up a movie recently.

Media and gossip columns, which leave no stones unturned, are linking the two together. The basic matter is that Abhay and Neetu went together to watch ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ together.

Neetu was reportedly spotted walking in with Abhay at a theatre in Mumbai. But after entering the theatre, they separated and maintained some distance so as not to be seen together. Neetu bought the tickets while Abhay waited for her and later followed her as she entered the auditorium.

Neetu, however, refuses that anything is brewing between her and Abhay. She says she had gone to see the movie with a couple of friends when she coincidentally bumped into Abhay at the theatre.

This is Bollywood Neetu. Here it takes no time to add up two and two to make it four!!

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