Mallika Sherawat – Escalating demands?

Mallika Sherawat is turning out to a nightmare for her producers these days. First, she made it clear to the producers of ‘Welcome’ that she would not promote the film if the promos carried Mallika Arora Khan’s item number. The producers gave in and the promos of ‘Hoth Rasile’ item number went on air much after the release of the film. Then, she walked out of Kundan Shah’s ‘Masquerade’ owing to differences with the director leaving the film’s destiny in mid-air as the producers too quit the film owing to Mallika’s exit. Next, it was the rift with Rangita Nandy on the sets of ‘Ugly Aur Pagli’ that was doing the rounds.The latest buzz that’s doing the rounds is that Mallika Sherawat wants her film ‘Fauj Mein Mauj’ to be re-shot and that too when 70 % of the film has already been canned. It was apparent from the beginning that the gal wasn’t too happy with the film but she continued with it as she was and is the only known star in the film.

Now, the debutant producer, though totally zabbed with this, has given in to Mallika’s demands to re-shoot the entire film. Mallika states that she has asked this as she is unhappy with the way she looks in the film. This way, Madamme Mallika will not be able to run for long, coz, this is Bollywood where ‘I m the best’ attitude applies for nobody except SRK.

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