Kay Kay Menon turns down Mallika’s offer

Such is her airs that not many men in Bollywood can say no when Sex kitten Mallika Sherawat asks for something. Even Big B couldn’t say no to her when she offered to go for jogging in slow motion on National Television.

But finally one man has emerged to have guts to refuse her. Apparently, it is Kay Kay Menon who turned down the role that Mallika offered him in her home production Hisss.

Mallika and Menon have already worked in Sanjay Chhel’s ‘Maan Gaye Moghal-E-Azam’ and in her promotional interviews for the film she openly praised his work. So, when she came upon the question of an actor for an important and intense role in her film, naturally Kay Kay’s name cropped in her mind. She then sent her team over to him with the script.

However, after few days Kay Kay called Mallika and refused the offer saying that the script was definitely interesting and that he was confident that she would make a good film but he cannot see himself in that part that she has offered him in the film.

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