Katrina kaif with no cream

Poor Katrina Kaif, the actress who is known more as bad boy Salman Khan’s girlfriend than for her acting skills has allegedly been instructed by her beau not to talk to John Abraham. No, it’s not because he suspects anything between the two.It’s just that Salman has fallen out with John- allegedly because the Iranian- Malayalee grabbed more fan attention during an event- and his logic is that if he is not talking to someone, his girlfriend should not be either. For Katrina, this has serious implications- for she can’t sign a film with John either. So far this has seen her having to turn down two films opposite John- UTV produced ‘Rockstar’ and the T-series film ‘Chandramukhi’. What’s worse is that the list of people Salman can’t get along with is almost the size of a telephone directory!

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