Kareena Kapoor – Too thin to be fit?

Kareena Kapoor has dominated the gossip columns for quite sometime be it for her affair with Chhote Nawab, for her fabulous performances in her latest flicks or for her super slim figure. But is Bebo too slim to be fit?

Reports have it that Bebo felt dizzy on the sets of Rohit Shetty’s comedy ‘Golmaal Returns’ where the climax of the film was being shot in Goa this Friday. Rohit Shetty reported that Kareena was “sick and giddy” when she came on the sets and had to be given “fresh juices” before she felt fit enough to shoot her scenes.

Kareena, however, is defensive about her newly acquired super-slim figure and blames her illness on some knee injury. She stresses that she is “healthy”, “fit” and “on top of the world”.

Seems a remote truth, isn’t it?

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