Kangna Ranaut, the attitude girl

Kareena Kapoor wore it for a long time and then renounced it, guess what? It’s the attitude crown. But now the crown has found a new head to rest upon. This new head belongs to Kangna Ranaut, the glamorous Bollywood actress. Kanga is crowned the ‘Miss Attitude’ of Bollywood because she is soaring high after the little success of her movie ‘Gangster’. Known for her skin show, Kangna has started throwing lot of attitude on the producers and has made a demand for a pivotal role in all the films including the multi-starrers. Recently Kangna was seen in her friend Anurag Basu’s film ‘Life in a Metro’. Kangna accepted to do this film because Anurag was the first person who gave a break in Bollywood. And it is something Kangna would remember throughout her life. A friend of Kangna tells Delhi Times that “Kangna is not in awe in herself; she understands that if you are good actress you will stand out one way or the other.” Well, God only knows who is right- the producers who are facing the heat of Kangna’s attitude or the actress’ friends.

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