Here is Salman’s marriage on the cards!

Salman Khan, media’s favorite guy is once again in news for his love interest. He had affair with many actresses in his life in past like – Sangita Bijlani, Somi Ali,Aishwarya Rai, but he was never successful in a single affair that might have matured into a marriage. Repeating the reel, his relations with Katrina Kaif also seems to be on strained node.

When asked from Niraj Manchanda, the popular numerologist and tarot card reader about the stumbling love life of Salman, he made some interesting predictions. While looking at Salman’s handwriting, Niraj told that he is very egoistic and that he mixes ego with love.
Also while evaluating his numbers Niraj explained that “the number of the film scripted by Salman Khan (Veer) comes to 18 which is a disastrous number.”

Niraj, being asked about the solutions to Salman’s problems said that there was a common solution to Salman’s both professional and personal problems. “If he wants a very successful career, he should get married to Katrina soon. Marriage will bring stability in his personal life and the positive vibes brought in by Katrina will even help his professional career” says Manchanda.

Can you hear the wedding bells ringing??

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