Friction on the sets of ‘God Tussi Great Ho’

The leading pair of Rumi Jaffrey’s ‘God Tussi Great Ho’ do not hit off too well off-screen, the grievances rooting back to the time when Priyana Chopra refused to work opposite Salman Khan in ‘London Dreams’ last year. The film which is to be directed by Rajkumar Santoshi is currently on hold.Now, when Priyanka took a long time with her make up on the set of ‘God Tussi Great Ho’, Salman Khan did not grin and lump it, as human male species has learnt to do since recorded history. Instead, he chose to show his displeasure to Priyanka. His hostility went on a rise and ultimately Priyanka put her foot down accusing Salman of being rude. Aggravated, Salman Khan asked director Rumi Jaffrey to announce a pack up, which the hapless Jaffery did.

This is Bollywood! Here the grievances are kept nursed for a long long time..

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