Emran’s prank on Sayali Bhagat

He knows something apart from kissing and that is prank playing. Yes, the talk is about the serial kisser Emran Hasmi, the chocolaty Bollywood actor. Recently Emran is reported to have played a prank on his costar and the ex-beauty queen Sayali Bhagat. Bhagat tells the Delhi Times that “Emraan is quite a prankster. I re m e m b e r while shooting for our movie The Train, we were running on the beach and he was chasing me as if it was a cata n d – m o u s e game. He told me that once he caught me he’d throw me into the sea. I pleaded with him not to, since the shells on the sea bed would hurt me. Emraan actually caught me and threw me into the ocean! I couldn’t walk for the next 10 minutes since I had an aching backside. Of course, he and the director were laughing, but it teaches you that Emraan is a guy who doesn’t keep his promises.”So girls be careful…the kisser knows something more than just love making.

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