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imageBy Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaFMWell if his Dad was known for kutte kameene?Ma ka dudh piya hai to? kinda dialogues, the son is still associated with Ye Dhai Kilo Ka Haath Jab Padta Hai Na?To Aadmi Uthta Nahin Hai?Uth Jaata Hai?Meet Sunny Deol, the media shy star who continues to be a bankable actor at the ticket window after twenty five years in the movie business. And that too in the lead role. First up, his thoughts on the famous dialogue from Damini where he had a power packed supporting role. ?Those films were written well. Dialogues were good. They went with the character and that’s why they are remembered again and again. People give me references of it. But it’s been a long time that we haven’t had that kind of writing,? Sunny said in an exclusive interview with IndiaFM on the terrace of Sunny Super Sound Studio overlooking the calm evening sea.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Deols these days. In Anil Sharma’s Apne, Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby shall share screen space for the first time. While Sunny had a release in Ahmed Khan’s Fool N Final last week, kid bro Bobby is looking forward to a turnaround in his career with films like Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom, Naqaab and more around the corner. Of course Dhamendra’s kiss-on-the-sly with Nafisa Ali in Life in a? Metro has been a talking point.

The Music Launch of Apne was one of the biggest events in the film industry in the recent times with thespian Dilip Kumar, eternal style icon Dev Anand gracing the occasion along with Salman Khan, Govinda, the three Deols, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif etc. ?Dad came in the industry always dreaming about Dilip (Kumar) Sahab. He was his icon. Dilip Sahab was the person Dad adored. Dev (Anand) Sahab was another gentleman with whom he interacted when he first came to Bombay. So, we thought that it’s (Apne) his film and it would give him great honour if they would be there. And that’s why they came. And Papa and Dev Sahab have interacted so much over the years. They have a bond and love for each other that I doubt actors can only dream of,? Sunny said.

You said in an interview recently that your dad’s fans have passed on to you and Bobby. And Dharamji had replied to your statement by saying that you were being generous when you said that. ?When we talk about star sons, we do get an easy launch. But there’s a lot of responsibility. It also depends on how good you are. So, obviously the fans which were there for my dad have rubbed on to us because they thought we are worthy of it.? The Deol family has always had a huge fan base in Punjab. ?It is not just Punjab. The kind of love and affection I get all over the country is the same. Punjab is our hometown, that’s why the respect and love is unbelievable.? Has Apne been shot in Punjab? ?Apne is based in Punjab. It travels to America. Some portions have also been shot in Bangkok but it’s not shown as Bangkok.?

Talking about Apne? can you share its story idea? ?It’s difficult to talk about the story. You can’t describe the whole film in a few words. All I can say is that it’s a bonding film. It’s a family film, family values. It has got a lot of entertaining elements and there are some nice choreographed boxing sequences in the film.? Why did it take so long for the three Deols to come together? ?We’ve been wanting this thing to happen for years and years. But unfortunately we couldn’t get the right script. We didn’t want to do a thing where three stars are there, sell it and don’t worry about the content of the film. We were not getting the right script. We had nearly given up till Sharmaji came up and narrated us the idea. From there were took it up and within a year we finished the film and now we are talking about it.? And why the title Apne? ?That’s what suits the subject. No other reason,? Sunny says.

You’ve delivered one of the biggest hits of Hindi cinema Gadar with Anil Sharma. How do you look back at that landmark film in your career? ?When I had heard the script I had loved it and we went ahead and shot it. We had no inclination what’s gonna happen. We knew it will be a successful film but we never knew that it will be such a successful film. Anything that is successful happens because of the team. When everyone does his bit right then you do hit the bull’s eye.? Music of Gadar was super hit. Music of Apne also seems to be melodious unlike Himesh Reshammiya’s brand of dhinchak music. ?Title song is my favourite. It reminds me of Sandese Aate Hain? there is emotion? the wordings, the melody? it hits the core in your heart basically??

At an Aids awareness function in Delhi a few days ago Shilpa Shetty made headlines worldwide when she was kissed by Richard Gere. Sunny was present at that function. Incidentally Shilpa is paired opposite Sunny in Apne. ?Shilpa is making news. That’s good because it’s very important to be in news these days. Besides that she is a good person. We have worked in a couple of films. She is a nice actress as well,? Sunny said. And does he recall being paired with Bobby for the first time in Dillagi? ?Dillagi was a film I directed with Bobby. I think Bobby had done a great role in that film. Obviously he is my younger brother and at times I do treat him like my son. But Apne is different emotion, different relation. Dad is there, bonding of father son is there. It is do with real life characters. It’s not goody goody film. It has son fighting with his father, brother can have a fight with brother. These things happen in real life.?

Alright? let’s talk about Ahmed Khan’s Fool N Final for a change now. ?We had great fun making the film. Feroze make films with lots of characters? and I am one of them. I’m sure people will like it.? Mr Feroze Nadiadwala said that you performed unbelievable stunts in the film. ?We do so many stunts but it doesn’t make a difference to me as we keep on doing them so many times. I’m a little daring guy. This is how I am since childhood. I wouldn’t advice others to do it. Basically it is coordination and confidence. Obviously everything is dangerous but that’s life.? Shahid in an interview to us addressed you as Sunny Sir. ?That’s because he is younger to me. And that’s the respect one should give to your seniors. It’s very sweet of him,? Sunny said with a smile.

The evening was settling down into a quite relaxing dusk while the sea seemed within a touching distance. It was pleasant to watch a normally reticent Sunny Deol looking fresh and relaxed answering all our questions sportingly. And as he whizzed past in his stylish Mercedes (driving himself), the look of wonder on the faces of a few labourers standing by was hard to miss. Obviously the common man thinks highly of him. And in this multiplex era, it’s these common folks who can still make a star a rock star. So, will Apne do the trick for Sunny Deol? Come June 29th? and you shall get to know.

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