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imageBy Devansh Patel, IndiaFM

What do you think about the music of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom?

The music of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is outstanding. After a long time I have done a film where in every song is my favourite. There isn’t one song that I can’t say is my favourite. Right from the title track to any track all are very well done.

What do you think about Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Shankar Ehsaan Loy are my lucky music directors. They did the music for Dil Chahta hai, KANK, Kal Ho Na Ho. These are all films of mine in which the music has been outstanding and it’s really done well. It’s gone down well with the audiences and I think they have upped their quotient with Jhoom Barabar Jhoom because they are so good in this movie. The variety they have is so outstanding. I think that’s why they are three of them because each one contributes so much to the film and that gives us a whole picture.

Tell us something about your character in the film

I play Alvira Khan, who is from Lahore. Even though she’s from Lahore she refuses to accept the fact that she is a Pakistani living in London. She’s actually British and more British than the queen herself and that’s the fun part. There’s a lot of layering to her. She’s actually a very endearing sweet girl but she’s not this typical heroine with the salt on her nose. But she has this attitude and this image about herself. She is so into that image about herself that everything else dilutes the equation. She’s a lot of fun and quite mad. I think its one of my most mad and totally energetic and crazy characters that I have played till now.

What was it about the script that made you decide to do this film?

I think the madness in the script. It’s the only film when the script was narrated to me and I didn’t have any point to pick and say that is a problem. It’s very fast, it moves. Well it’s really funny and it’s got great humour. It’s got great back story, each character has a layer. More than anything else when you watch it and come outside you have this whole feeling like phew!! And that’s it!

What was it like working with Shaad Ali Sehgal

Shaad and I started our careers together. He assisted Mani Ratnam in Dil Se and I did Dil Se as my first film. He was an assistant director and I was working in that film. I think nine years down the line we come into a full circle now he’s directing this film and I am in it. I absolutely love Shaad and he’s one director very unassuming even if you joke about him and say he’s the only communist on the set. He also has this madness in him which translates into his cinema. You will see a mad streak in me, in Abhishek, in Lara and also in Bobby and that’s purely because Shaad has directed this film. If there was any other director you wouldn’t have seen that madness streak. I think he’s really relaxed and he’s like a sweet teddy bear with his psycho hair out.

Can you tell us something about your look in this film?

It’s the first time I am working with Aki Narula and it’s been a great pleasure working with him. He’s very talented. He’s this little guy but with a lot of talent. He is always open to ideas and ready to do something new since there is a lot of layering in my character. She is a very hoity toity character so we have a lot of changes. I must say he exceeded my expectations. When Aditya Chopra and Shaad told me that they were going to get Aki I was a little nervous because I had not worked with him before but I think he has done a fantastic job.

Any outfit in the film which you would like to wear even otherwise

All the outfits in the film are very wearable. They are not any filmi outfits that you can only wear it to work and you can’t wear it any where else. Actually I have two outfits in the film which Aki bought for the movie and I also bought it for myself. We didn’t know that and then we ended up having the same outfit. So I had this one dress which is a puffed up ball dress which I wear and the other one is this navy blue tight fitted little dress with a red bow on it so I have two of them.

What was it like working in a multi starrer film?

I started my career with Bobby he was my first co-star, so this film has been quite an emotional journey in a sweet way because I worked with both Shaad and Bobby nine year’s ago. Abhishek is psychotic he’s crazy and I love working with him. Lara again I have never worked with but she’s a very sweet girl and very hard working. We got along very well. I think when you see the film you realize how well all of us got along because there is positivity in the film. There is a Jhoom equation which is happening so I hope everybody had the same experience I had working in a multi starrer.

And about Mr. Bachchan what can you say about him, he is like God and I just love him.

Are you comfortable doing glamorous roles like these

As an actor I would want variety in my career, in my life and off course variety is the spice. In KANK I play a much more serious and much more sober, a little bit more groomed and older character. In Jhoom Barabar Jhoom it’s more fun, it’s younger and of course it’s glamorous. Thanks to Shaad and Adi and thanks to Aki Narula who makes such great costumes.

Any memorable incident during the shoot of the film

We were shooting this dance sequence and it was the first day of the shoot and everyone was really excited. We were like yes we are going to go for it. I was dancing and suddenly I felt this piercing pain in my foot and I looked down, Lara who is 5 ft 8inches tall was wearing a five inches heel that dug into my foot and made a hole in my foot. I went like ahhhhhhhh. And then just when I was recovering from it and I got rid of the stitches and I was getting ready to go on set again, Bobby put his ‘Punjab da haath’ and whacked my face. So I remember falling off and seeing the plane, train and the submarine together. I think leaving this aside whatever happened we had such a blast. I think this is the first time in my career after we shot a song we were just tired and we wanted to go home. The director Shaad just put the track again and besides the actors everyone else started dancing and they danced and danced and danced and I was looking at them.

Is true love real or fantasy according to you?

Love is always real and true love is even more real. I think love is romantic

On working with Vaibhavi as a choreographer.

I think Vaibhavi has done an amazing job. I haven’t danced so much for very long time. I am dancing so much. It’s a bit conceited for us to say we did this and that, I think it’s for the people to say I saw the bits of one song and it’s really well choreographed and it’s very in sync with the film. Vaibhavi is exceptionally talented and she’s very chilled out.

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