Aamir Khan injures his muscle

Aamir Khan has always been known for his perfection and dedication to work. But too much of anything is bad and this one sure proved it. Last week, Aamir had injured his hamstring muscle while shooting an action sequence for his film ‘Ghajini’. Although. Aamir was advised rest for a couple of days, the actor, concerned about the film insisted director A.R.Murgadoss to shoot some close up sequences which would not strain his injury much.

But the idea proved to be disastrous one since Aamir injured his hamstring further and had to be hospitalized. Quotes an eye witness, “He was chasing the bad guy, he stepped in a wrong position and his hamstring muscle got torn. After the shot was ‘Okayed’ for almost 40 minutes, Aamir was unable to stand up. Initially, everyone on the sets thought that Aamir was pulling a fast one, but only when he started screaming in pain, everyone got moving.”

The physiotherapist on the sets could not handle the situation and a specialist had to be called in. He was taken to a local hospital. He has been advised three weeks of complete bed rest and will be coming to Mumbai as soon as his doctors allow him to travel. Meanwhile, the shooting has been cancelled.

A. R. Murgadoss, the director of the film says, “It happened on the day we were shooting some crucial sequences with Aamir. Although he had supported his leg, he got into an awkward position while shooting and he seriously injured himself again. Shooting can hold. We all right now are worried about his well being”.

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