A rocking birthday party for Hema Malini

With 60, Hema Malini seems to be getting younger each day. This year, she had a though belated, but a rocking birthday party on Saturday night.

“I enjoyed myself thoroughly because all the people I love, all my close relatives and family were there. And of course Dharamji. How could he not be there?” beams Hema.

As for the birthday gifts, Hema said, “I’m too old for gifts. And still, I’m constantly getting gifts on my birthdays. The older guests gave me sarees. The younger ones made cards.

About the special birthday gift from the most special person in her life, Hema revealed, “Dharamji he has given me so much already. For this birthday he gave his gift in advance. It is some very elegant jewellery that I really wanted. Actually, my birthday celebration this year went on for a week. It started with a havan on 14th and ended with the party last night where I had a Bengali couple singing Ghazals (I like to encourage new talent). While they sang our party suddenly turned into a dance party. We all hit the floor.”

And yes, she does have some regrets too about the birthday. She says, “Rekha couldn’t come. I always invite her for all my birthday parties. This time I invited Zeenat (Aman). And she was kind enough to come. It’s good to catch up with colleagues once in a while. I’d have invited Raakhee also. But she wouldn’t come, I’m sure of that.”

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