Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Burka’ scandal

Our ‘Topi Wala Babu’ Himesh Reshammiya put his cap aside for the time being and donned on the ‘Burka’. The reason? The singer turned actor Himesh wanted to visit Ajmer Sharif but was scared of being caught up by his fans. So, he hid himself behind the ‘Burka’ and entered Khwaja’s Darbar to ask his blessings for his forthcoming ‘Aap Ka Suroor’. But as soon as the word got around, Himesh was flocked by fans who apparently tore his Burka to get his glimpse. The authorities are quite annoyed at Himesh’s attempt, but Himesh admits that he did not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments and is sorry if he has done so unintentionally.

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