Salman Khan – Tarzan of Bollywood

After a brief hiatus and a short trip to the jail, Salman Khan is back in action. This time he is once again baring his chest for a movie titled “Tarzan” where he gets to play the title role! In fact he might even be seen sans his trousers if his role so demands.With his well crafted muscles, toned body and a shaven chest, it seems that Salman won’t have much problems getting into the skin of the character of “Tarzan”. In fact this handsome dude considers himself lucky to get such a role. “”I was always fascinated by Tarzan stories and I am glad that I have got a chance to do the film,” Salman told mediapersons in Mumbai.

Salman has decided to go in for a different kind of hairstyle for the film which will be shot in the jungles. In fact he seemed quite excited about shooting with animals amidst huge mushrooming trees.

“Tarzan” which will be directed by well known director Aneez Bazmee, will hit the theatres next year. Seeing this Khan bare his chest again, will be a delight especially for all his female fans!!

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