Salman & Ash – When their paths crossed

The sad ending of Salman Khan and Aishwarya’s love affair has not yet been forgotten by people even after so many years. The ex-lovers too have sore wounds to heal, it seems, as the two could not hide their uneasiness when they bumped into one another while they were shooting at Mehboob Studios, Bandra for their respective films. Ash was there shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Guzaarish’, where as Salman Khan was at Mehboob shooting a promo for his movie ‘Veer’.

As per the reports, as Salman got off from his car and marched ahead talking on his mobile, at the same time Ash stepped out of a studio and walked towards her van. As their paths crossed, and the two actors noticed each other, they did stop for a moment, looked into each other’s eyes and then immediately turned the other way.

While, Aishwarya went into her van, Salman’s uneasiness was quite obvious. Post the incident, Salman wasn’t too keen to shoot, but did so anyway, and didn’t speak too much.

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