Meghna Naidu’s spooky experience!

Remeber Meghna Naidu? Yeah, the same girl who shot into the lumelight with music videos. After appearing in a few forgettable flicks, she’s back to where she started her career – music videos. Recently during one of the shoots, Ms. Naidu had a rather unforgettable experience. She was shooting in a remote place and the video’s concept demanded this particular old fort to give it a mystic and scary feel. SHooting was definitely no fun as the place naturally looked scary, especially when shooting at night. Naidu was made to climb an old banyan tree for the shoot and when she did so the unit’s light mysteriously went off and she was stranded in the dark, atop the tree. Luckily the entire unit gathered around to keep her ’spirits’ high. We are sure this is one scary experience Ms Naidu won’t forget for a ling time.

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