Kangana Ranaut’s floored by Bobby

When it comes to a Deol, the ladies never fail to be mighty impressed-if not by the dhai kilo ka haath, then by the impressive personality. Like actress Kangana Ranaut informs, She found Bobby Deol to be quite a chilled-out person when she was shooting with him recently. Kangana says,”Bobby is a nice person and very non-interering where another actor’s work is concerned. Also, Bobby is a very co-operative and humble guy.” We wish some other actors would follow in Bobby’s footsteps!

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  1. Hameed Fazil says:

    Dear Kangana Ranaut,
    Hope all is well, I really like u, I have never miss your movie, I always watch ur movies, I like ur all movies but the best is Gangster, I like it sooo much , especil u act in the street and u have no shoes , and go to imran hashimi house, Hope one time i see u face to face, I am very big fun of you Kangana Ranaut, Love u sooooo muchhh,,Hameed Fazil from Afghanistan

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