‘Fashion’ clears censor board with an ‘A’ certificate

‘Fashion’ has already created a lot of stirs and anticipation even before its release. This controversial movie which threatens to expose the dark side of the fashion world has been finally cleared by the Censors, but it seems that it managed to threaten the censor board members so much so that they have awarded the movie with an ‘A’ certificate. The censors found the intimate love making scene shots on Priyanka and her boyfriend and also those of Kangana Ranaut to be quite bold and quite vulgar as well. The Censor also had issues with scenes in which Priyanka and Kangana are shown taking ‘Marijuana’, and snorting and injecting ‘drugs’.

This decision has obviously disappointed Madhur Bhandarkar as he would definitely be losing a major chunk of his audience group. Well, every dark cloud has a silver lining. So, the censor’s decision could very well act as a silver lining as the ‘A’ tag might help pull hoards of 18+ audiences to checkout some ‘skin show’ by Priyanka and of course the Kangana ‘Kandy’ in ‘Fashion’.

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