Celebrity Interview: Riteish Deshmukh

By IndiaFM News BureauimageRiteish is all set to surprise the audiences by his three different looks in Sangeeth Sivan’s Apna Sapna Money Money(ASMM). He plays a con man in the film. According to Riteish this was a difficult and unique experience for him. Riteish shares his experience with IndiaFM.

Tell us something about your character.

My character’s name is Kishan. He is a con artist from Goa. It’s about how he becomes seventy year old Nepali man to sort out his friend’s love life. He plays a role of classical dancer then he becomes a girl. It’s also about Anupam Kher who falls in love with this girl. ASMM is an extremely funny film and I had fun doing these four different roles.

Actor Chunky Pandey said that he fell in love with you, when he saw you in a girl’s get up. Tell us about something about that.

Yes, it was flattering. If a guy dresses up like a girl and puts on some makeup to shoot for a film then it is obvious that he would become conscious. Therefore, even I was scared and conscious while shooting. I was thinking about how people will think about me. It was very important for me to be comfortable. And my co stars Chunky, Anupam Kher helped me a lot. My female co stars Koena, Celina and Riya were fantastic. They were helpful.

There was a survey conducted by a tabloid, where your girly look was compared to a television actress Shweta Tiwari. what is your take on that?

I don’t know about such survey but I feel sad for Shweta Tiwari. Unfortunately, they were comparing me with her. But as long as one is playing a character and plays an important role in the movie then look is very important. It was quite difficult to play a woman and equally time consuming. We all are quite ok with it, so let’s see how people react to it.

If you lose your lottery ticket on the set of ASMM, whom would you suspect first?

I think Chunky, because he is lost and found department of our film.

Give five reasons for why Ritiesh Deshmukh loves acting and not keen on joining politics.

First, I enjoy my work and never thought of joining politics. I get to dance, do comedy and action and I get to be around the prettiest chics that we have. Again you get awards for what you do. And last you travel the world at the producers cost.


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