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Anupam Kher is one of the most versatile actors of Hindi Cinema. This man has always tried out new roles and now, he is all set to appear in a very different character in Sajid Nadiadwala’s forthcoming film Jaan-E-Mann. He plays a dwarf, which has been one of the most challenging roles he has played. Anupam Kher speaks to IndiaFM about his role about his forthcoming film Jaan-E-Mann.

Jaan-E-Mann looks rich and appealing

Jaan-E-Mann is a love story. But what makes it unique and unusual is its interpretation by the director. I like the way Shirish has conceived it. I think for thousands of years the stories have been similar but it is the director and creative team of the film that brings a certain amount of freshness. And Shirish brings in a completely different interpretation in the way he has conceived the film. It is just great.

You play a dwarf character in the film. Tell us more about your role in the film.

He is Salman’s friend Boney Singh. It could have been a normal role. I have played many friends role, mentor’s and philosopher’s role to lot of leading actors but Shirish wanted the same man to be a dwarf. It looks easy on a concept level but on an execution level it is the most difficult and painful thing in the world. If it would have come to me 20 years back then I would have been much more agile. But then the USP of the character is that he is a dwarf yet he doesn’t work in a circus. Dwarf people can also do the normal job as he is lawyer by profession and that made it unusual. So, I play a dwarf named Boney Singh, who is a friend of Salman Khan and he plays a very important role in the first half of the film.

What interested you to play this character?

What interested me is the fact the he is a dwarf and from the last 70 years of Hindi cinema this is for the first time that any actor played a dwarf. While in Tamil cinema Mr. Kamal Hasan has done it, he played a circus joker. But this person is not a joker. Instead, he is a normal person except that he is a dwarf. So, I wanted to be the first actor in history of Hindi cinema to play a dwarf.

As you said, it would have been more agile if you would have done it 20 years before. It seems this character is physically taxing for you.

It was very painful. When you have to be on your knees all the time, do dances standing on knees, sometimes even tying the legs to keep your balance is not so easy; you have to be a gymnast. But sometimes but you have to act out such characters as well. I am not over playing my commitment to the character or to cinema. It was surely difficult I can’t deny that but the result is fascinating.

Did you undergo any preparations for it?

Of course you can’t play the dwarf without preparation. First of all, if you are reduced to half your size, your whole gestures become small. You can reduce your height by bending on your knees and tying shoes on your knees but you can’t cut your hands. You don’t have to work only on your look but also a dwarf man’s psyche. You have to understand how he thinks, how he reacts and how he behaves. It has to work on both these levels. I am a serious actor, I take acting seriously. I have an acting school and I feel my students should be inspired by their teacher or their principal. They should feel that their mentor is an actor who they can look up to. That is why it is important that my choice of characters or roles should be good. That’s the reason why I have tried out different types of roles. Whether it is a Khosla Ka Ghosla a film like Jaan-E-Mann or Vivaah or Apna Sapna Money Money, I have played various characters and then on the top of all is Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara. So, you have to reinvent yourself as a person, as a director and as an actor.

Jaan-E-Mann is Shirish’s first film as director, so how was the experience of working with him?

Jaan-E-Mann is what it is because of the director. Of course Sajid Nadiadwala played an important role to make his dream come true and let Shirish execute the film the way he wanted to. But surely, Shirish’s interpretation of the film and the characters is very unique. He doesn’t talk much but whatever he wants to show he shows in his work. Whether it is the interpretation of the role or the songs or the way he has put this story together for the audiences. It surely is the genre of Hindi commercial film but the way he had executed it is completely different and I am very happy and proud to be part of this project.

What about your other co-stars?

Well I have worked with Salman, Preity and Akshay in many films before. They are joy to work with. I have more scenes with Salman. He is a dear co-actor to work with. He has a good sense of humor. He has a casual but concrete approach towards his work and towards his characters. Same goes with Akshay. I have no scenes with Preity in this film. I had scenes only with Salman and Akshay. During the scenes, all of us were relaxed and enjoyed because unless all of us are relaxed on screen, audience won’t enjoy our performance.

How is your association with Sajid Nadiadwala?

I earlier did Sajid’s films like Waqt Humara Hai and Judwaa and now I am doing this film with him. Sajid is a very fine producer a very magnanimous producer too. He has a great sense of humor. He was very much involved with the script and execution work as well. It is a joy to have a producer like him.

Tell us something about the music of this film

I love its music. Of course my favorite song is ‘Jaane ke Jaane Naa’ I love that song and I am dancing in that song with my legs tied. I think children are going to relate to my character because I have done TV shows with children and they like me. So, this will be something different for them. It’s my tribute to children that come and enjoy Anupam uncle this way. Coming back to the music, the love song ‘Humko Maalum Hai’ is also very beautiful. In fact, all the songs are very good. I think the soundtrack of the film is really fascinating and I must again say that Anu is a great composer but Shirish has also made a lot of contribution. Sudeep Chaterjee’s cinematography is also good. I think every aspect of this film is good, I haven’t seen the complete film as an end product but I have seen all this in a dubbing theatre.

What is the USP of this film?

I think it’s one of the finest films of this year. It’s entertaining, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it has fantastic performances. It has a great music. It has a dwarf and it has lavishness. It has joy and it has everything that viewers want in a film. Besides, it is larger than life.

What is your expectation from this film?

I think it will be a super hit.

You are one of the most versatile actors of Hindi cinema and have played a wide range of roles over the years. Is there any specific character that you have not played and would like to play in future?

If you ask this question to me even when I’m 90, I will say there are hundred more character I could’ve have done. There is no full stop for an actor, he is always hungry. Besides, I feel I am very lucky. God has been kind to me that I have been able to get the roles that I wanted.


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