Bollywood stars wish Indian cricket team the best !

By Diti Shah (IndiaFM News Bureau)imageBlue fever is infecting the nation once again! As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 kicks off today, India-XI gears up to play the game. Cricket fanatics kneel down and pray. But Bollywood baadshahs believe in much more than prayers …determination, optimism and total action!

Read on, as Bollywood-XI shows India how to get the trophy home…

Aamir Khan: I think India will win the World Cup. I want to tell our team…Go out there and show the world what we are made of. Give it your best shot!

Jackie Shroff: I am looking forward to a few good matches, especially Australia and India. Australia of course is a champ. But some of the Australian players are injured like Bret Lee is injured. Australia is a little shaken up. So if India plays like a team we can definitely win. England is on a high with Monty Panesar. It seems that he is amazing. South Africa is undeterred and Pakistan is also very passionate about the game. India has to play as a team… Agar chipak ke khelega, toh Cup leke ayega!

Ravi Kishan: Australia recently lost a series to New Zealand. The biggest kaata to India was Aussies. This time Australia is weaker so India must win. If this time India doesn’t win, then they will never again win the World Cup. My wishes are with the team and my favourite players are Sachin, dada (Sourav Ganguly), Dravid, and Dhoni. But I think they have to be really aggressive. So I hope they concentrate and remain in a totally aggressive mood this time…not in the typical Indian mood namastey ji, pehle aap – pehle aap! Just attack, conquer, and come back.

Isha Kopikkar: I will definitely be supporting the Indian cricket team. I just hope they play well. I like Sachin Tendulkar, he is a one-man army. I just want to tell our team not to be overconfident, not to party much after the matches, and well… chak de phatte!

Rajpal Yadav: My favourite teams are India, India and India! I think India will win the World Cup one hundred percent. Virendra Sehwag is the best player we have and he will prove his worth. I also like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. If our team plays with full confidence, then success is guaranteed!

Kunal Kapoor: Team India is obviously my favourite. Apart from India is India. Nobody else is even remotely a favourite. I just want India to win the World Cup. I’m really looking forward to watch Sourav Ganguly.

Jiah Khan: I will certainly watch the World Cup matches this time. Rahul Dravid is my favourite cricketer! I hope and pray for India to win because I think India’s chances of winning the Cup this time are very high.

Sanjay Suri: I enjoy watching cricket. I am surely looking forward to the World Cup because I love watching it but I really can’t play the game. I play a cricket coach in my next film, but then I’m an actor! From team India I like Dravid, Ganguly, Kumble and Dhoni. I really hope India wins the Cup. Say Salaam India!

Milan Luthria: I am a big cricket fan. I used to play cricket as a child and I have been a sportsman all my life. We played a game about two weeks ago – Directors 11 versus Cameramen 11. And I almost got a hattrick. I got two wickets in two balls but I didn’t get the third one! And then we played a match against Fed Ex recently, in which I got out on the second ball! I’m looking forward to the World Cup especially to watch Tendulkar, and Sreesanth, I think he has a lot of attitude! I think we possibly have the best chance of winning out of any other team. All our heroes are in form, so I am sure we will win.

Minissha Lamba: I want to wish team India all the very best. More than winning or losing the cup, it is a celebration of the game of cricket for the world. So we must partake in it as well!

Tusshar Kapoor: I don’t know anything about cricket. But I think it is amazing that our team has been performing so well of late. And I hope that continues for the World Cup. I think the Indian cricket team is the pride of the country. Cricket is what places us on an international level. So I wish our team all the best! I am no one to give advice but I hope our team keeps their fighting spirit going.

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