Akshay Kumar and his pranks

Akshay Kumar is well-known for his pranks on the sets. So, it is no wonder that Vidya Balan and Amisha Patel fell prey to him on the sets of comedy-horror film “Bhool Bhulaiya” in Jaipur.It so happened that one day Akshay arrived on the sets with a man carrying a handycam. The man used to shoot Akshay all the time and talked a lot to him. This went on for about 4-5 days. Finally, Akshay introduced the man to his co stars as a reporter with a reputed television channel and requested that the leading ladies give him interviews. Vidya and Amisha promptly obliged and gave a warm interview giving details about the film, their roles and careers.

As soon as the interviews were over, the man went up to Akshay and the two started laughing aloud. That’s when Akshay disclosed that the man was not a reporter but his physical trainer. Next, the girls were fuming and everyone else was having a hearty laugh. The only one who didn’t fall for Akki’s prank was Shiney Ahuja, since he knew well that the man was Akshay’s physical trainer.

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