When JP Dutta made Abhishek Bachchan cry

Everyone Assumes that macho men don’t cry. But our screen idols prove them wrong. If the brawny, rugged Abhishek Bachchan can shed tears (on screen) who are we to challenge anything? Nodding in agreement, director JP Dutta Says, “You have to watch Abhishek Bachchan’s performance in Umrao Jaan to believe what he’s capable of. In one of the scenes, towards the end of the film he had to cry. Abhishek was so involved in the scene that not only did he cry without glycerine, he completely broke down. And he moved us all to tears.” Well, all those Abhishek Bachchan fans out there will go sob-sob at this scene too. They would even give their Jaan to see that smile on his face again. What say, gals?

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