Vishal-Shekhar plans music album with Abhishek

imageMumbai, (IANS) Bollywood’a composer duo Vishal-Shekhar, who gave Abhishek Bachchan a cool-dude attitude with the songs “Dus bahaane” and “Right here right now”, are doing a whole album of songs with the actor and claim that it will be a super success.”We aren’t supposed to talk about it at all. We don’t know where the album is going right now. All we know is it’ll be something on an international scale. We’re thinking big over this project.

“But Abhishek is busy. So it’s up to him and Amitji (who does a track). So far, we’ve only been jamming together. If it happens the album will be a milestone,” Vishal, the more vocal of the composing duo, told IANS.

Director Rohan Sippy, who made it big with “Bluffmaster”, is going to produce this album.

“The fact that it is coming from a filmmaker is quite unique. If it happens it’ll be bigger than any film soundtrack. We’re looking at international collaboration with artistes, musicians,” informed Vishal.

Vishal-Shekhar is glad their music is connecting with the masses.

“We’re composing songs for Siddharth Anand’s next. It’s a much more grown-up film than ‘Salaam Namaste’. But still it’s a super-cool flick. It’s a rise-and-fall story. But I hope our music only rises. We are also doing Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Cash’.”

The composers have some special plans for Milan Luthria’s love story.

“For Milan Luthria’s next film we’ll write the sort of love ballads which Shekhar and I write in our free time. At the end of the day Indian melodies will always be in demand. But we have a whole lot of new musicians doing music in Hindi films.

“The audience has also evolved substantially. Whatever we compose has to be dynamic. Composers today need a vision. There’re more Internet downloads and ring tones than tapes.”

Said Vishal commenting upon their big 2005 triumphs namely “Dus” and “Bluffmaster”: “Shekhar and I love writing melodious songs. But right from ‘Dus bahaane’ to ‘Right here right now’, all the songs that were happening last year were up tempo.”

Vishal never thought these tracks would become such a craze.

“I’d attribute about 90 percent of the success of ‘Dus bahaane’ and ‘Right here right now’ to Abhishek. A lot of a song’s impact depends on who performs it and how. I think Abhishek, who’s into hip-hop, found a comfort zone in his dancing with ‘Dus bahaane’.”

Vishal is not much enthused by his colleague Himesh Reshammiya’s music.

“He’s a big star today. But he’s a different school, more traditionally filmy, than us. I love his track ‘Soniye’ by K.K. Even Himesh has a substantial range as a singer and fantastic composing acumen. But I’m not impressed by his production values.

“I admire the volume of work Himesh is doing. I can’t see Shekhar and myself doing more than one film at a time. It gets too hectic. It’s great to have a music company T-Series back Himesh to the hilt.”

And re-mixes?

“Never! Nor would we do just one song to provide a potential hit in a film. We like doing what we’re comfortable with. We’re working with friends. Sidharth Anand, Sujoy Ghosh (hopefully we’ll all return from ‘Home Delivery’), Anubhav Sinha…,” said Vishal.

Will the “Dus” sequel have a song called “Gyarah bahaane”? “I don’t know. I hope not,” laughed Vishal.

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