Usman scores with Amrita’s family

Amrita arora’s dating a cricketer. and she loves cricket, alright – but she is not a crazy cricket fan like her mother. Yes, when we quizzed Ammu on who her favourite cricketers were, she started rattling off her Mom’s favourites instead. “You won’t believe what a cricket fanatic my mom is. She will not miss cricket for anything in the world. Malaika and me want her t o go and see the world cup – live. She might just go for the semi-finals. In fact. our family teases her saying that she is lucky that my boyfriend is a cricketer and Malaika’s hubby is an actor. Movies are her second love – still a fat stretch from cricket, of course. No wonder Usman and mom hit it off so well!” Usman’s lucky man, while most men have to try so hard – Usi boy has found a way to (probable) Mom-in-law’s heart. Quite a score already, eh?

Source: ‘Times Of India’

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