There’s too much politics in Bollywood – Riya Sen

Riya sen is one patient lady. Single but not ready to mingle, she says she’s waiting for the right man. With a few hits in her kitty, she says she’s waiting for the right movie. A video with shaan and biddu is the only big news in the ofing. “I still haven’t got what I really deserve. If I want to, I could sign three solo-lead movies every single day. But I am not ready ty to do anything that is against my morals,” says riya. Add integrity to the list.
There is too much politics involved in the bollywood industry. There are also many other factors that are keeping me away from just about any movie. I know why a new girl has been offered the same lead role that I turned down. And I know why I am not doing it.” But she insists that she doesn’t want to talk about this, “I am happy with the six scenes in a movie right now,” she adds. There, for you, is contentment. Source: ‘Times Of India’

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