The ‘Kapoor’ families patching up!

The turning up of Kareena Kapoor with her latest find Saif Ali Khan at Saawariya’s premiere made it obvious that the two Kapoor families are ready to patch up now. Though Kareena’s presence to support cousin Ranbir was not because of Neetu Singh’s invite (Kareena’s invite had gone from Sanjay Leela Bhansali) but the way Kareena hugged aunt Neetu for a long time, shows that the coldness between them seems to be thawing.It can be recalled that the family feud runs down from the time when Neetu Singh and her children weren’t invited for Karisma’s wedding. In turn, Kareena had not been invited for Ranbir’s sister Ridhima’s wedding. Also absent in the wedding were Babita, Karisma and her husband.

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