Sushmita Sen backs out of Gere film

After all the hoo-ha over Sushmita Sen pairing with Richard Gere in a film called The Expat it appears as the diva won’t be favouring Mr Gere after all. After the pround announcement it’s now being said that Sush cannot fit Mr Gere into her schedule since her schedules have gone haywire due to her neck accident.

Sure, we believe you. With the number of films that Sush is doing right now, it would really be a pain in the neck to a do a Richard Gere film. By the way, could we have a list of the films that would keep Ms Sen occupied in the coming months? After Tanuja Chandra’s Zindaggi Rocks she hasn’t really signed any major films. So why would she say bye to a Richard Gere film?

Could this be another of those hoax Hollywood projects that our stars have got into the habit of announcing periodically? Everyone from Aamir Khan to Anuj Sawhney has claimed to have got himself an agent in Hollywood to look after their work in LA. Mallika Sherawat claimed she had clinched a film with Tom Cruise(no less). Ameesha Patel went a step further. She appointed herself two agents in LA. We aren’t aware of what those two agents are up to.

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