Sparks of protest against ‘Nishabd’

The much awaited and controversial ‘Nishabd’ portraying the love of a 60 year old man (Amitabh Bachchan) and an 18-year-old girl (Jiah Khan) was released last week. The box office collections are not soaring, but the fire of protest claiming the movie to be a charge on Indian culture, seems to be engulfing the nation.

Different corners of the country are organizing protests against the movie led by different cultural and political organizations. There are widespread protests in Big B’s home town Allahabad where the protestors cried, “”The release of Nishabd on the soil of Prayag can’t be tolerated. Through this film, Bachchan is propagating Western culture in our youth, which is disgusting.”

Hyderabad too, the state unit of the BJP, is against the film for “destroying Indian ethos and values.” The party’s official spokesperson, N Ramachander Rao, said the film was not only creating “cultural pollution”, but was also showing an unacceptable ‘’love proposition and height of perversion.’’

The Congress in Uttar Pradesh also demanded a ban on this sensual flick. Congress Spokesman Pervez Ahmed Khan said, “The film is against Indian culture and the screening should be banned immediately.” In a letter to Information and Broadcasting Minister Priyaranjan Dasmunsi demanding a ban on the screening of the movie, Khan said Bachchan is regarded as a role model in India and the film’s screening will have an adverse impact on the people and the society.

Well! Well! The big question is- What fruits will these protests bear? Will this big Hullaboo act as a protective shield for the Indian values or just add more publicity to the already much talked about movie? Time to put on your thinking caps, Pals!

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