Shilpa shetty is making the news

Shilpa Shetty, the tall and pretty damsel of Bollywood is trapped in a cage of controversies nowadays. Beginning from her Big Brother show’s Allen Goody to Akshay Kumar’s statements on taking away her virginity and Richard Gere’s kissing her in public, Shilpa has come across different kinds of problems.However, the ‘Life in a Metro’ actress has maintains a calm attitude about the issues that spurred with her Big Brother show and tells Times of india that “I am so over Big Brother, but if there are any apologies being offered, I will accept them.”

However the show has been responsible for turning around her fortunes.

“My life has changed dramatically after it. I never expected to be this popular. All of a sudden, I am more than a Bollywood star… I am a Big Brother idol.”

A happy Shilpa adds that

“But it has not been a uniformly good year for me. It feels bad when people of your country misunderstand your actions and overreact. I am talking about the Richard Gere episode – the media just blew it out of proportion.”

Regarding Gere and her liaison Shilpa says that

“Richard and I are just good friends. I feel so sad about that whole episode that I just want to forget it now.”

As of now Shilpa is soaring high in the sky because of her both Hollywood and Bollywood film projects. She claims that

“I’m very happy that the audience has appreciated my role in Life in a… Metro. Now, I want to be recognised for my acting and not controversies. I have got offers to act in Hollywood movies too. But I am not supposed to reveal the details. I am pretty excited about how my career is shaping up.”

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