Shilpa shetty counting her stars

From last few years the tall and slim Ms Big Brother, Shilpa Shetty is in a different world altogether. First she participated and won the international Big Brother show in which she was she was surrounded with many racial controversies and after there the famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere’s ‘kiss’ episode brought her to the headlines. According to Delhi Times Shilpa is currently the most searched woman on the net.But despite of all these ups and downs there is something which has remained constant in Shilpa’s life and that is her mother’s advice. Thinking about her daughter’s stars, Shilpa’s mom, Sunanda Shetty has advised her to wear a sapphire stone. Sunanda tells the Delhi Times that “I’d told Shilpa to wear a pukhraj (yellow sapphire stone) on her finger and it would improve her luck for the better. Shilpa did so, and by the grace of God, see what it’s done, touchwood!” So friends let’s wait and watch what Shilpa’s stone does for her.

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