Shahrukh Khan’s Birthday and turns 41 today

He is here, there and everywhere, doing everything possible with his unbounded energy. Yet, Bollywood’s baadshah Shah Rukh Khan, who has turned 41 today, is dissatisfied. “I work about 18 hours a day, but that’s not enough. If I had the power to change anything. I would add a few more extra hours in a day. I truely want more time,” says Shah Rukh. He has delayed his trip to australia because he wants to spend his birthday with family and friends. There’s a grand celebration happening planned by his friends.

“Nothing special about turning 41,” he smiles. “It’s just one more year added to 40. But yes, it looks like it was only yesterday that i was 40…God! Time flies so fast, you don’t even realise…” he trails off. However, he adds that nothing majot has changed his life. “Unlike last year, when I was tied down because of my back problems, this year I am felling much better. I am planning to sign more films than usual. And yes, I am spending more time with my kids.” Source: ‘Times Of India’

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