Sanjay Dutt is prepared for the worst

Awaiting the verdict in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt says that he can’t concentrate on his work as he was “nervous” but would accept the judgment with a “bowed head” and was prepared for the worst.

“I am nervous. I’m apprehensive. I wish and pray everything goes well and I get my freedom. It is not easy to lead a normal life at this stage. I have not worked for most of the last three months. You cannot concentrate on your work,” Dutt, an accused in the case, said in an interview to Karan Thapar for Devil’s Advocate programme on CNN-IBN.

Dutt, 47, faces charges of possessing an AK-56 rifle and destroying evidence.

Asked how he was preparing himself, the star of Lage Raho Munnabhai , which resurrected Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals in the popular mind through ‘Gandhigiri’ said, “I have full faith in the judiciary of the country. I have faith in the people of this country. I just take one day at a time.”

On whether he has mentally prepared himself for the worst, Dutt said, “Yes, I have”.

“I have to face it. I can’t be running away and saying it is not going to happen. I have to face whatever happens.”

For the son of late Congress leader and actor Sunil Dutt , his father was the biggest source of strength. “I do miss my dad. He was a power, a pillar of strength for all of us. I really miss him.”

“He (Sunil Dutt) went away very suddenly. I spoke with him the night before,” Dutt said adding after his death “I remember I questioned him. I said why did you leave us like that?”

Dutt however, said he can’t act his way through when the verdict is announced. “I can’t, it’s beyond an exam in college. It’s beyond everything… I am going to bow my head and take whatever comes my way. And I will accept whatever the honourable court says to me.”

Asked what he would do if acquitted, Dutt said, “I would start crying”. And if convicted, “I would face it. I have to.”

Dutt said he had always been very religious and had a small temple in his house where he prayed every morning. “I’m always close to God. I need him.”


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