Salman Khan promotes Shah Rukh’s Don

Salman khan is aware that Jaan-e-Maan and Don have been pitted against each other this diwali and this might be the perfect opportunity for critics to stir up controvesial between both the khans. So he went a step ahead and promoted Don. “Bhai didn’t want to give anyone opportunity to create a divide between Shah Rukh Khan and him again,” Says a close friend of Salman Khan. Salman khan actually made it a point to  promote Shah Rukh’s don at the promotion part  of his film Jaan-E-Maan. With this gesture, Salman Khan tried to put an end to speculation about cold vibes between the two actors. Salman, who made an entry just before midnight at the party, was in good mood. He openly announced on stage, “Jab Aap Jaan-E-Maan dekhne jaoge, lage haath don bhi dekh lena. Bahut rocking film bani hai.” He added that he’s also emotionally attached to DOn cause his father co-wrote the script of the original film.

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