Salman Khan is out of Ramayan and Ajay Devgan is In!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s legal hassles and constant trysts with trouble have begun to take a toll on his career. Apparently, Raj Kumar Santoshi wanted to cast the actor in his magnum opus Ramayan. According to informed sources, “Salman was Santoshi’s first choice for the part of Lord Rama. Salman on his part, has always expressed a desire to play Lord Rama in the movie adaptation.”

“Unfortunately at this stage of his career when things could go either way for Salman’s cour proceedings, playing Rama would have been suicidal to Santoshi’s project. He opted for a safer bet, Ajay Degan,” says a source.
And now, just when things appeared to be returning to normalcy, Salman Khan had to proceed to Jodhpur for a court hearing, thereby leaving the unit of Rumi jaffrey’s God Tusi Great Ho with one sudden, though welcome, holiday. Source: ‘Times Of India’

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