Salman Khan beats Shahrukh Khan

Two of the most awaited films of the year Don and Jaanemann will be releasing on 20th October in time for the Diwali/Eid celebrations. So officially it will be Shahrukh versus Salman and both the producers and actors of the films are leaving no stone unturned to promote their forthcoming ventures. In fact recently Jaanemann producers had a party with Akshay, Preity and Salman gracing the occasion and on the very same day there was a party held to launch Mushtaq Sheikh’s book on Shahrukh titled ‘Still Reading Khan’. Entire bollywood was divided as to which party to attend and some even tried to make it to both. But according to sources SRK’s book launch seemed to be the rocking party while the Jaanemann party was just about okay.

Although SRK’s party may have rocked according to a recent voting poll Salman beat SRK in a popularity contest by 55/45 when SMS’s were sent in by audiences. While SRK has a great NRI audience Salman has a huge fan following in India due to his inimitable style. While King Khan Shahrukh attended his book launch with wife Gauri, he said “I’m too young to have a book written on me” in an embarrassed manner. However at the Jaanemann bash, the large hearted actor Salman requested all those present to also watch Shahrukh’s film Don alongside Jaanemann. Now that’s what we call being magnanimous, right Sallu!

Salman Khan the Rockstar and Brat

Salman plays a rockstar in his forthcoming film Jaanemann and recently at an event when the actor was asked by a media person about what he was in real life; the charming actor said “I’m a rockstar and a superstar both in reel and real life.” Well seems like Salman has no qualms about his identity and definitely does not believe in being modest about it. Salman Khan was also recently seen braving his fans affection by riding to an event on his red savvy bike. But Sallu isn’t afraid of being mobbed by his fans as he rides like the wind, but no safety helmet for this actor as he is quite cautious while riding. He loves riding on huge open stretches. However Salman does take one precaution, he always makes his security people follow in another vehicle behind him. Recently there were rumours that co-stars of Jaanemann Salman and Akshay did not see eye to eye on many occasions while shooting, but Sal flatly denied these rumours. However Akshay was more forthcoming saying “Friends do fight but that’s what friendship is all about.” Hopefully after the release of the film there won’t be any more fights between the two stars.

Preity Zinta wants to make little kids smile

Everybody is aware of Preity’s brave stance that she adopted by testifying against the underworld in extortion cases. Preity is a star and does not mind the public knowing a few things about her personal life, but nonetheless she does value her space and says “Everyone is entitled to a space where no one comes between me and myself, not even a spouse.” Preity says “No compromises on my principles and on my quality of work.” Preity Zinta also believes in taking up social causes, and one of her endeavors include, a special preview of her forthcoming film Jaanemann for a group of kids under 15 years of age. Preity is combining her efforts with many organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation. Preity says “Jaanemann is a child friendly film and I want to screen it for the kids as I want to have a blast, also kids love you unconditionally and they won’t come to the film with preconceived notions. I want to give these children from various organizations a reason to smile.”

Preity also plans to host a small kiddie’s party with lots of singing, dancing and games. There’ll be loads of surprises and gifts for the young ones. Way to go Preity, an actress with a heart of gold!

Abhishek Bachchan has been voted Mumbai’s Bollywood Gay Icon 2006

After being voted the Sexiest Asian Male for 2006, now Abhishek Bachchan has been bestowed with another flattering title, he has been voted as Mumbai’s Bollywood Gay Icon by the bisexual and gay community in the society. Abhishek has beaten some of bollywood’s hottest hunks like John Abraham and Salman Khan to get the top slot. Abhishek appreciates the title and says “Any kind of recognition is a blessing. I don’t believe in discrimination against any people. I’m flattered and I feel hugely complimented. Although I enjoy the thought of being a gay icon, let me tell you, I don’t think I deserve it.” However Abhishek does not let the titles go to his head and says “I don’t take these tags seriously. My main job is to be an actor and all these tags come from that job. Sexy and Gay icon are terms of affection that are here today but will be gone tomorrow, I value them as long as they are mine.” Well in spite of the accolades of praises that are coming Abhi’s way, he remains firmly rooted and dedicated to his acting career. Some good traits are indeed passed on from generation to generation.

Bipasha Basu to croon for Dhoom 2

The theatrical promo for Dhoom 2 saw Bipasha Basu looking hot in a bikini and now according to sources Bips will be crooning a few lines in the film. The music of Dhoom 2 will be releasing on October 19th. According to sources Bips will be singing a few lines in the song ‘My Name is Ali’ picturised on Uday Chopra’s character who is named Ali. Bipasha is looking absolutely gorgeous in the film as she has also recently shed quite a bit of weight and is looking fit as ever. The music of Dhoom 2 has been composed by Pritam who had also composed the tunes for the first part. However nobody related to the film is ready to confirm that Bips is singing a few lines in the film. This will be the first time that the Bong beauty will be singing for a film and the producers obviously want it to be a surprise element.

Bips is also doing a film with Abbas-Mustan titled Mr. Fraud alongside actors Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan. Unfortunately Bips recently got another bong actress Tanushree Dutta thrown out from the film as she was insecure that the latter would steal her thunder. However Bips has been in the industry for far longer than the relatively newcomer Tanushree, also Bips has already proved her acting capabilities while Dutta still has a long way to go. Why Bips should feel so insecure by Tanushree is rather strange, but then again in bollywood each star has their own personal axe to grind.


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