Saif Ali , Rosa are game for it

Controversies don’t faze Saif Ali Khan anymore. Not even his alleged involvement in a pub brawl in the USA that was reported in the NEW YORK POST. “That was absolutely untrue. But then, I have always had controversies in my life. Though I prefer laughing at most of them, sometimes, they are a litle too hard to handle. I guess, it is part and parcel of what I am,” Saif Ali says.
Does that involve a-rumour-a-day about his relationship with girlfriend rosa too? “I don’t have to declare to the world whether I am in a relationship or not. It is very much my personal life. I am in a relationship and I am committed to it. But then, the negative points are nothing as compared to the positives that I have around me,” Saif ali says. And one of the positives remains Rosa who is a accompanying Saif to the city. “I go by my instincts. I am very open to marriage, but haven’t planned anything yet. However, we will settle down soon,” Saif ali says.

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